03.11.2017 – 15.12.2017

In an attempt to support the growing of the creative and independent production field free from the commercial concern, Merdiven starts off with İpek Duben’s “LoveGame” installation which is again on view after a long time. The art space, aiming to enable every kind of contrarian and mindful voice that stands on its own geographic and social ground to be heard, regenerates this piece which defies years by both context and form of expression.

Inviting the viewers to a daring game in an abandoned casino to the accompaniment of love songs, “LoveGame” is waiting for new players who will gather around a handcrafted roulette table in order to face the tragedies hidden behind the glittering globes and gleaming lights. All types of violence committed by the partners, parents to each other, children and “loving ones” secretly remain into the subtle details of this flamboyant casino setup. Through her community-oriented works, drawing attention to the issues such as domestic violence, women rights, ethnic and gender identity, othering and migration, Duben questions the society that stigmatizes the accused and beguiled person by this installation.


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